How it works


Our program is competitive, so early applications are encouraged. In order to apply please send an email to with your cv and cover letter providing reason why you are a good candidate for the Joinki program. Make sure to attach also some pictures of you.


In a 20-minute Skype interview, we will ask you about your background experience, goals and motivations. We will also discuss the opportunities available desired family and place you would prefer. If you pass this interview we will organise another interview. This is your chance to shine and show us why you would be a good langugage tutor for our program.


After our interviews, you will be informed within 4 business days if you have been successful in your application. Successful applicants will then be formally offered a place in our program. You will be asked to confirm your place on the program by making a deposit. This deposit is fully refundable if you are not placed in a family. (Note, however, that we cannot give a refund if you quit the program.)


Once we have received your deposit, we will start to look for a suitable family for you. You will have to pay the complete program fee 4 weeks before your arrival in Italy. Complete payment details will be communicated by email and can be found in our Terms and Conditions. It tipically takes approximately 4 weeks to match each tutor with a family and we reccomend to book the flight once you have already spoken with your potential family.